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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

52 weeks of happiness.


1. Seeing my little cat snuggled up in the blanket I made for her.

2. Roses growing all over the side of the garden shed.

3. Stuffed rolls for lunch.

4. The stained glass window in a local church. The photo just doesn't do it justice - it is stunning.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

52 weeks of happiness

Late again.

A very quick striped blanket for Baby B's buggy.

The first honeysuckle flowering. I just love the smell of this, especially in the evening when it seems to get stronger as the sun goes down.

My garden as everything begins to flower.

My cat - she is such a gentle, loving little girl.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

52 weeks of happiness

A quiet week getting back into my normal routine. I don't do a lot some weeks but I am so happy and contented with my life. M had an unexpected Friday off so we had a trip to Lincoln. So here are a few of the happy things for this week.

Hot chocolate at Costa and later tea at this lovely barge cafe.

Very compact but pretty inside.

There were little tables at the other side.

My little cat loves anything knitted so I crocheted her her own blanket out of odd ends of chunky wool I had left over. She loves it.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

52 weeks of happiness 1/52

Well I am late starting this but so what.
Things that have made me happy this week - where do I start - so much happiness this sunny summer week.

1. Finishing knitting a baby blanket for Hannah. I agreed to knit it before checking the size - huge- much bigger than I thought a baby blanket would be and I didn't check the pattern either - it is actually two blankets sewn together. Although it was very easy to knit it was very boring and tedious. So very happy it is finished.

2. Time spent with family.

3. Meeting Fia again after a week away.

4. My favourite breakfast - fruit compote layered with Greek yogurt and topped with granola. Also good for dessert.