Monday, July 15, 2013

Knitting and crochet

Finished two projects last week.

First was a little jacket for Baby B.

I must admit that I did not enjoy knitting this. It was knitted in Sirdar snuggly snowflake chunky, which is a fluffy, thready wool which I found quite difficult to knit with, especially as it was hard to see the stitches and pattern. However Hannah loves it. I think Baby B will look like a little blue teddy bear when he wears it. 

Second was a quick baby blanket for Baby B. I enjoyed crocheting this one as it was easy and quick to do. I used Olypus patchwork DK wool which is a self striping wool.

Pattern found here

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lovely summer weekend

It was a scorching hot weekend and happy, happy we were visiting Hannah and Rob and my two wee men. So we packed up a picnic and off we went to Dalby Forest for the day.

Much fun was had playing cricket.

Baby B stayed in the shade out of the sun.

Later we went further into the forest.

And walked along beside the water.

Grandad is always handy when little legs get tired.

A rest and an ice cream.

Tease Granpa.

Happy Baby B.

Back home where much fun was had with Little C's new kiddiekutter


And a spectacle drinking straw.

Men and their iPads.

Baby B on his mat.

What a lovely weekend we have had. Back home now and missing my wee men already.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Nature in the home

This week Lou has asked for something red.
For me it has to be these.

I love tomatoes but especially local freshly picked tomatoes - they taste so sweet and fresh.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Nature in the home.

This week it is "Something White" . My garden plants are slow growing this year and this is my first hydrangea. I love these and intend to dry it and keep it for a display later in the year.
Join in nature in the home here

52 weeks of happiness.


1. Seeing my little cat snuggled up in the blanket I made for her.

2. Roses growing all over the side of the garden shed.

3. Stuffed rolls for lunch.

4. The stained glass window in a local church. The photo just doesn't do it justice - it is stunning.